Legends of Tomorrow boss reveals what Green Lantern WON'T appear on the show

What DC superhero won't cross paths with the Legends of Tomorrow? Producer Marc Guggenheim reveals all!

The Killing Joke's first official trailer is just as insane as you'd expect

One of the most infamous graphic novels ever is coming to the small screen. Prepare yourself with the first trailer for Batman: The KIlling Joke.

CBS' Supergirl ropes Lynda Carter back into the DC Universe

The leading ladies of the DC Universe will finally meet. A former Wonder Woman is about to pay the current Supergirl a visit.

Watch AMC's Preacher come to life in behind the scenes featurette

AMC's Preacher promises to be everything you want and more. The network's released a featurette showing viewers how and where the magic happens.

Will darkness win? New Daredevil promo teases a grim future

Daredevil isn't the only man on a mission. Frank Castle and Elektra are about to turn up the heat in Hell's Kitchen.

Roy Harper reunites with Oliver in new Arrow clip

After a brief hiatus, Roy Harper returns to Arrow under questionable circumstances. The former hero will suit up one more time to bring down a dangerous villain.

Marvel's Daredevil S2: "Elektra is kind of a sociopath"

Daredevil is about to reintroduce one of the deadliest characters in the Marvel Universe. Elektra Natchios is coming to New York.

Battlestar Galactica alum cast as the newest villain on The Flash

The Flash's speed is under attack. His newest foe, The Turtle, will put the brakes on the fastest man alive.

AMC's Preacher makes "a lot of small changes" from the comic

AMC's Preacher won't be a direct adaptation of the comic. The supernatural drama will feature some small but very necessary changes.

The Walking Dead has found its Negan

Negan is coming! Run for your lives! The Walking Dead has cast the survivor's newest nightmare. 

Gotham casts the perfect actor for Professor Hugo Strange

Arkham Asylum has a new boss. Gotham's bringing in Professor Hugo Strange to whip the hospital into shape.