Alien: Covenant book prequel will explore what happened after Prometheus

Titan Books announced that Alan Dean Foster will write a novel prequel to Alien: Covenant that bridges the 10-year time gap between Prometheus and Covenant

Breaking down the return of a Flash and the end of DC's The Button event

We break down the conclusion to "The Button" storyline in Flash #22, which paves the way for DC's fall blockbuster, Doomsday Clock.

A long-dormant Avenger is back in the Marvel Universe thanks to mutant science

Did you read last week's Uncanny Avengers #23? If not, you missed the return of a fan-favorite Avenger.

William Shatner is going on a zero-gravity flight, and you can join him

Ground control to Major Tom, William Shatner is about to become a Rocket Man in zero gravity.

Inside Flash #21 and the mystery of The Button
Apr 26, 2017

Breaking down The Flash #21, Part 2 of "The Button" and the issue's clues as to DC's newest timeline.