Humans will be marrying robots by 2050, scientists say

If you like the aluminium polyvinyl construct, then you could put a ring on it.

First 4 pics of Hulu's upcoming series The Handmaid's Tale
Dec 5, 2016

These images capture the spirit of the 1985 dystopian novel. Egads.

Forget Mars. Why we should colonize Saturn's moon Titan instead
Dec 1, 2016

Titan has one particular advantage over the Moon and Mars when it comes to colonization.

Lin-Manuel Miranda to produce Kingkiller Chronicle TV show and movie
Nov 29, 2016

Lin-Manuel Miranda is giving us a series based on The Kingkiller Chronicle. You're welcome!

Firefly's Ron Glass passes away at 71
Nov 28, 2016

The former Shepherd Book died of respiratory failure.

China has just edited the genome of a human, and there is no way this could go wrong
Nov 18, 2016

China is about to prove whether or not gene editing is safe. If it cures cancer, all the better.