Rumor of the day: What you'll see in two Doctor Strange post-credits scenes

We're just weeks away from the premiere of Doctor Strange, which means we're also about to see a couple more of Marvel's now-famous post-credits scenes.

It's always around this time -- just before the press and public finally get to see the movie -- that speculation turns to those mid-credits and post-credits stingers that more often than not point the way toward an upcoming entry in the vast mosaic known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (interestingly, there were never any hidden scenes or easter eggs in the last few Marvel movies pertaining to Strange himself, save for a brief mention of his name in Captain America: The Winter Soldier). So  what can we expect to see at the end of the Sorcerer Supreme's big-screen debut? A nod toward the Guardians of the Galaxy? A check-in from  Thanos? A run-in on the street with Strange's NYC neighbor Spider-Man?

None of the above, it seems. According to Screencrush (via Birth.Movies.Death), there are two scenes attached to Doctor Strange and they connect to two very different future possibilities. Major spoilers ahead, folks, so stop reading here if you don't want to know anymore before seeing the movie yourself.


In the mid-credits scene, it's been established that Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is now on a mission to protect the Earth from otherworldly and supernatural threats, and one in particular that he's interested in corralling is our old pal Loki (Tom Hiddleston). So Strange invites Thor (Chris Hemsworth) to the Sanctum Sanctorum to talk it over, but Thor tells Strange in no uncertain terms that he needs Loki himself to help him find their missing father Odin (Anthony Hopkins), who Loki banished to parts unknown at the end of Thor: The Dark World. Strange apparently agrees to help Thor find his adopted brother, on the condition that they leave Earth forever afterwards. This clearly points the way to Thor: Ragnarok, and also may explain those photos taken earlier this summer of Thor and Loki looking for the address of the Sanctum.

As for the post-credits scene, it involves a character played by Benjamin Bratt who was established earlier in the film as someone who had delved into the mystical arts to cure himself of paralysis. So he's not a full-fledged sorcerer per se, but presumably a person who could become one --  that is, until Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) shows up and tears the powers from his body, proclaiming, "There are too many sorcerers." While Mordo is positioned as an ally of Strange for most of the movie, it seems that by the end he's ready to turn fully evil as he is portrayed in the comics. Whether this is set-up for a Doctor Strange sequel or a hint that Mordo may align himself with an even greater foe -- Thanos, anyone? -- remains to be seen (we know Strange himself will go up against the Mad Titan).

So there you have it. What do you think, are they worth sticking around for? Keep in mind that none of this is confirmed (nor will it be), but we'll find out for certain if these are the scenes we're going to see when Doctor Strange opens on Nov. 4.

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