Ryan Reynolds says Deadpool will definitely be rated R in April Fools' video beatdown

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the potential rating of the upcoming X-Men spinoff Deadpool, and after throwing everyone off with an April Fool's gag, it seems the filmmakers have made a statement about what rating they're going for.

Well played, Ryan Reynolds. Word broke earlier today that the film would be rated PG-13, though that was apparently an elaborate April Fool's joke, with Reynolds involved to help sell the realism. A video interview with Reynolds has now been released confirming that the film will, in fact, be rated R (at least, as much as that can be confirmed for a movie that hasn't gone in front of the MPAA yet). Huzzah!

He also kills Mario Lopez, which is just. Yeah. Just watch it:

Reynolds also confirmed via Twitter shortly after the clip was posted:

God, I hate April Fool's Day.

Check out Reynolds' initial posts to set up the gag below (warning -- strong language follows):

Regardless, fans can finally rest easy knowing boundaries will almost certainly be pushed. Are you glad to see Deadpool will be going R?

(Via Ryan Reynolds)

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