Listen to Terry Gilliam's out-of-print Laserdisc commentary for Robin Williams' The Fisher King

The movie is fantastic anyway, but in the wake of Robin Williams’ tragic death, there’s no better time to dig back into The Fisher King — so why not let Terry Gilliam guide your journey?

Gilliam’s long-out-of-print commentary for The Fisher King, which was included on the Criterion Laserdisc release in 1991 (remember those?), has resurfaced in full thanks to the magic of the Internet. It’s a fascinating listen, and having Gilliam explain the ambitious tale brings a whole new dimension to the performance.

It seems like every generation seems to have a favorite Robin Williams film, and The Fisher King tops the list for a ton of Generation X. It’s heartbreaking, awesome and fantastically weird — and there’s no denying Gilliam pulled out one of Williams’ best performances in history to make it so memorable.

Clear a few hours from your calendar, kick back and enjoy this long-lost treasure:

(Via The Playlist)

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