Linger light-years on this colossal collection of rare, jaw-stretching Alien set shots

As Ridley Scott's original Alien celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, it's ample reason to drown yourself in all things related to this seminal sci-fi horror masterpiece.  Alien archivist Valaquen rounded up this amazing assembly of photos over the course of many years to create a dark deluge of pure awesome.  

With a fanfare deserving of the special occasion, here's a buried treasure of 59 rare and never-seen set shots and production photos in which to immerse your inner geek to its heart's content.  It's a gargantuan galaxy of marvelous miniatures, old-school models, spacesuit designs by Mobius and starship concept art by Ron Cobb, alternative ideas for the Nostromo, behind-the-scenes shots of the derelict, LV-426, Space Jockey, Giger, Scott, Badejo, O'Bannon and the birthday boy himself, the exotic, erotic xenomorph.

For more ultimate shots head over to Valaquen's Imgur site for a couple hundred more!  

Dive on in, and no need to stifle any screams.

(Via Geek Tyrant)

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