Watch the Hulk crash the World Cup in new ad

Hulk Nike Ad

A new Nike ad focused around the World Cup goes green -- literally.

The athletic-wear company has launched a new ad campaign called "Risk Everything" in conjunction with the impending arrival of the World Cup soccer (or football, as they call it in the rest of the world) championship, and the campaign's latest spot features a cameo from someone very familiar to us geeks.

Yes, that's the Hulk at around the 2:32 point in the lengthy extended commercial, which also features rather random appearances from folks like Kobe Bryant, MMA stars Jon Jones and Anderson Silva and supermodel Irina Shayk, not to mention a boatload of football stars.

Apparently the ad's storyline has something to do with a bunch of teenage boys kicking a ball around on a field and imagining themselves as the football stars themselves playing in a stadium for the Cup. Why the Hulk? It seems that there's a Brazilian footballer named Hulk who gets called in, but the big green guy accidentally appears instead.

Of course, we'll be seeing a lot more of Bruce Banner's very angry alter-ego next summer in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, where the stakes will undoubtedly be more than a football championship. Nice to see him in a lighter vein though, right?

(via The Playlist)

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