Latest Doctor Who casting could mean the Doctor is about to meet Robin Hood

It sounds like Peter Capaldi may be headed to Sherwood Forest.

As the eighth series of Doctor Who gets underway with its third block of filming, we get a host of new information. We've got former Who writers Mark Gatiss and Gareth Roberts returning. Gatiss has penned the third episode and Roberts the sixth.

We've also got some meaty casting news for the Gatiss episode. DaVinci's Demons star Tom Riley is set to appear, as is Ian Hallard, who was previously in the Who biopic An Adventure in Space and Time (also written by Gatiss).

What's interestng about Hallard's casting specifically, though, is that, according to his updated CV, the character he will be playing is Alan-a-dale. Yes, the wandering minstrel who was a part of Robin Hood's group of Merry Men!

Based on that news, there has been some speculation that Tom Riley will be taking on the role of Robin Hood himself, which is great for fans of the legendary folk hero. And just think what Doctor Who could do with the character -- he could be an alien of some sort! Or, ya know, it could also just be an historical episode.

Either way, it could be a good chance for Clara to expect Sherwood Forest, only to have the Doctor correct her that Robin was more living in Barnsdale. Yes, a merry pushing-glasses-up-the-nose may be had by all.

But you tell us -- if there is to be a Robin Hood tale for Who, what story do you hope will be told?

(via Blogtor Who)

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