Bryan Cranston reveals the real story behind those Lex Luthor casting rumors

His name stayed in the rumor mill for months, but how close did Bryan Cranston really come to playing Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman?

Apparently, not nearly as close as most fans would believe. Cranston was a guest on Howard Stern’s show recently, and he set the record straight about just how close he did (or didn’t) come to being a part of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel universe.

According to Cranston, despite constant reports that he was on the verge of signing on, he was never even approached to meet about the project before the studio announced Jesse Eisenberg would take over the iconic role. So, yeah, mark that one up solely to massive fan speculation, apparently.

But, if Warner Bros. had reached out to him about the project, it sounds like Cranston would’ve definitely been game to battle it out with Superman and the gang. Oh, what could’ve been.

Here’s what he said, via M Live:

“In the minds of fans, it's true. In the minds of the hierarchy of Warner Brothers, it's not true. I was not involved in any of that whatsoever… Oh, oh, I would have welcomed it! That would’ve been a 20; I think so!”

Are you intrigued to see what Eisenberg does with the role, or do you wish they’d have gone with a more traditional, bald baddie in Cranston?

(Via M Live)

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