See Vincent Price host horror tribute to The Exorcist in rare '80s ET segment

Entertainment Tonight on "Masters of Horror" - 1985!

Here's a cool TV time capsule back to the rad mid-'80s, when Entertainment Tonight actually produced some interesting segments on film history.  This one, entitled "Masters of Terror," was hosted by the genteel maestro of the macabre himself, Vincent Price.  The enlightening, eight-minute excerpt mixes moments reflecting back on The Exorcist and Frankenstein, with rare interviews with William Friedkin, Linda Blair and William Peter Blatty, along with Price's personal comments on the films and their production.

Have a look and fondly remember back before the supernova of celebrity-obsessed TMZ mania to a more quaint, pre-Internet geek culture world.  Ah, those were the days!

(Via Shock Til You Drop)

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