Rumor of the day: Peter Capaldi will leave Doctor Who after just 1 season

We’re only just now getting our first peek at Peter Capaldi’s take on Doctor Who, but if a new report is to be believed, he might just be a one-and-done Doctor.

Take it with a grain of salt, but The Mirror is reporting they’ve heard that Capaldi’s stint in the TARDIS has been predetermined to run through the upcoming eighth season, then come to an end. If true, it would make him the second Doctor of the new era (following Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston) to leave after one year.

The report goes on to state that Capaldi was chosen to serve as a transitionary Doctor who could help set the stage for a “radical” direction when it comes to the 13th Doctor. What that could mean is open to interpretation: A Doctor of a different ethnicity, gender or nationality, perhaps?

If Moffat and the BBC are planning something drastic soon, it makes some sense to provide a buffer between Matt Smith’s long-running Doctor and whatever comes next. Capaldi will also help shake things up with an older Doctor, to remind fans that the series has definitely worked without handsome young fellas as the star in the past.

There's also a chance this could signal Moffat’s potential swan song, as he’ll have been at the helm for a full five seasons by the end of Capaldi’s first run. Might this be a way to give Moffat one last year to wrap things up while setting up a new Doctor, show runner and potential change in direction? It's certainly possible.

Obviously, this is all just fun speculation at the moment, but you’d have to think Moffat is at least on the back side of his Who tenure at this point. It makes sense they’d want to give his potential successor a fresh slate, and it sounds like Capaldi could be the palate cleanser. 

What do you think? Where would you like to see Doctor Who go next?

(Via The Mirror)

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