Freak Out Gift Guide: Cheeky, drinky, scary ideas with DC Bombshells, Game of Thrones, Captain America, and Battlestar Galactica

Don’t be freaked, but let’s get freaky. Over time, the word “freak” has evolved to take on a lot of different meanings. While the crass usage in conjunction with freak shows is based on an unusual appearance or deformity, getting freaked also means being stressed out or frightened. But to get your freak on, well, that’s typically reserved for business involving bad dancing and/or sex.

And while Rick James had something else in mind, when you work at a sci-fi site, we just imagine a Super Freak as having a cape and tights. Actually, maybe Rick James did as well.

Anyhow, after covering a lot of ground in our previous gift guides – making suggestions for games, books, home video, etc. – we wanted to wrap up with a final list that combines all the weird, scary, sexy and pretty grown-up items that didn’t make it into previous categories. Since you won’t be able to order these and have them delivered by Christmas Day, you can still get them in time for a post-holiday date or night of freakiness.

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    Everyone has a favorite comic book character, and Ant Lucia has created some stunning, throwback bombshell posters featuring tons of our favorite DC (and Star Wars) characters. From Harley Quinn to Hawkgirl, there are several prints that would make a sexy — but classy — gift for the comic fan in your life. We dig the Supergirl, Hawkgirl and Batgirl prints, and remember that these designs have also been adapted for collectible DC Comics Bombshell statues ($25) - Trent Moore

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    Every gamer knows to keep a stash of health potion on hand at all times, and the team at Ink Whisky is making that task easier by breathing new life to the forgotten treasures of early gaming: Nintendo cartridges. These concealable entertainment flasks feature some of your favorite classic titles reimagined with clever names like Fine-Ale Fantasy, Tetriquilla Drunk Hunt, and more. Grab the collector’s pack for $85, their limited, anniversary edition Legend of The Drink Gold Edition for $50, or one of their regular flasks for $25. ($25-$80) - Cher Martinetti

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    Have a pocketful of breadcrumbs or a sharp axe handy whenever you wear this magnificent maze necklace inspired by Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. It is milled via a solid piece of Brass Alloy #260 spun 18.6 million revolutions on a CNC machine. This miniature recreation of the notorious hedge maze is just 2.25" X 4" and hangs from a 23" chain.  Also comes with a framed shadowbox display case with a reversible black velvet/Overlook Hotel carpet pattern to show off your stunning souvenir. ($400) - Jeff Spry

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    T’was the night after Christmas and you’re about to get it on, when under your girlfriend’s shirt you find two cylons! These geektastic pasties are a fun and sexy way to keep your fandom close to your heart. If Battlestar Galactica isn’t your thing, there’s Spidey, Batman, The Flash, and more. ($25) - Cher Martinetti

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    If you’re not already a fan of Sex Criminals, the sci-fi romantic comedy comic from Matt Fraction (Hawkeye) and Chip Zdarsky (Monster Cops), then you probably know someone who is. For more than a year now, the series has made us laugh, cry, and just plain cringe at its sincere and often moving blend of love, freezing time, and lots and lots of dirty jokes, including bizarre “sex tips” in each issue’s letters section. Here, Fraction and Zdarsky take those tips to the next level, delivering a wickedly funny, dirty little book that’s the perfect companion to the Sex Criminals series proper. ($12) - Matthew Jackson

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    Do you have a giftee who has “slumber party with Sam and Dean Winchester” on their wish list? Well that naughty nerdy fantasy is somewhat closer to reality with the Supernatural Ouija Board by USAopoly and Hasbro. Based on the 10-year-old hit series, the spirit board features a circular communication design, but the box is where it’s at with the dreamy, somber gaze of the Winchester boys looking out at the beholder. The Ouija allows an aspiring Hunter to communicate with the dead without the bother of leaving one’s own home – or dying multiple times, descending into Hell and facing off against various demons. Of course, this is for entertainment purposes, so if your loved one does manage to kickstart the apocalypse, we won’t be held responsible. ($25) – Aaron Sagers

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    Know a Game of Thrones fan who lies to drink their ale in style? It’s hard to beat this Dragonclaw Goblet replica from House Baratheon of Dragonstone. The cup includes a resin stem shaped like a dragon claw, as well as an amber-tinted glass bowl. It looks, well, awesome. Seriously, this thing will give you at least 10 awesome points, minimum. Drink responsibly, of course, and keep an eye out for dragons. ($30) - Trent Moore

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    After giving that sweet Game of Thrones goblet to someone, it would only be right to also provide them with a proper beverage to pour in it. Thankfully you need look no further than Brewery Ommegang (and any beer distributor worth their barley that carries it). As something of a beer nerd, I can guarantee that the Belgian-style brewer out of Cooperstown, NY, already has one of the best product lines around. But when they partnered with HBO to release brews based on GoT, they didn’t just slap a gorgeous label on an already-great beer. Instead, Brewmaster Phil Leinhart and Innovation Manager Mike McManus lovingly developed new beer inspired by the show. The first three became gradually more complex from the very Lannister-esque Iron Throne blonde ale; the approachable Take The Black Stout; and a spicy Fire and Blood red ale. The fourth, Valar Morghulis, a dubbel ale, just conquered my palate. It is quite simply a great beer regardless of whether or not you give a damn about the Faceless Men of Braavos. The first three beers sold out but Valar Morghulis is still available. Just like Syrio Forel taught us, say “not today” to Death, but the First Sword of Braavos would say “yes, please” to this beer. (About $10 for a 750ml bottle wherever you can buy beer) – Aaron Sagers

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    One of the creepiest thing about horror hit The Conjuring was the haunted doll Annabelle, and hot on the heels of her own freaky spinoff film, we have an officially licensed Annabelle doll. Of the killer doll from the movie. How could this go wrong? Developed by the Living Dead Dolls and Mezco, the 10-inch Annabelle figure wears film accurate clothing and the same creepy hairstyle (Bangs! Ah!) as seen in the film. If you know a horror fan brave enough to put this on their shelf, it’d make a great holiday gift. ($32) - Trent Moore

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    According to Rule 34, if something exists, there's a porn version of it -- even The Hunger Games. But in this version, The Hunger Gays, our female protagonist has been replaced by a male one, and the fight to the death includes sex. Lots of it. With lines like, "I can't help wonder what would happen to Pan if he were my sex slave," it caters to a very select audience. But if you know someone who is excited by male/male pairings and has exhausted every slashfic that has to offer, he (or she) will love it. ($10) - Carol Pinchefsky

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    Penny Dreadful was one of the best new shows of 2014, and now you can get your hands on the same stylish set of Tarot cards used by the mysterious Vanessa Ives (Eva Green) in the series. This deck includes all 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana, including the very much essential instruction card, for those new to the magical and mystical world of Tarot reading. The cards are made of smooth laminated paper and measure 2.75” x 4.75.” It’s bound to be a perfect stocking stuffer for the Penny Dreadful fan in your life ($15) – Nathalie Caron

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    Want to enjoy the zombie apocalypse from the comfort of your own bed? Here’s the ticket, and we don’t mean streaming Walking Dead on Netflix from your bedroom. These creep-tastic bed sheets, from It’s Alive Designs, bring a whole new meaning to the “Never Sleep Alone.” Complete with high-quality graphics of grubby zombie hands groping from the bottom, with nifty blood stains on the pillow cases (reflecting a mercy kill after being turned?), this set brings all the fun of an undead uprising, while still keeping you warm and cuddly. Creepy cool. ($150) - Trent Moore

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    Oh captain, my captain! Get a full salute in this latex Captain America bodysuit from Shhh! Couture. Whether you want a sexy twist on your favorite cosplay look or want to bring out your inner superhero in the bedroom, these designs are sure to hit the mark. In addition to the Captain America bodysuit, there are designs for Supergirl, stormtroopers, Captain Marvel, a Starfleet captain and more. ($156.50) - Cher Martinetti


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    The story itself is dark enough, but when you throw in the nightmare-inducing Joker mask, this gift is guaranteed to have someone leaving on a night light. The set includes the critically acclaimed “Death of the Family” arc from writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo’s Batman comic. It’s one of the best stories in modern Batman lore and well worth a read. As for the mask, it’s a replica hand-painted vinyl latex of The Joker that features sewn-on hair and a black elastic band with hooks and loops. It looks like it jumped straight off the page, which is a scary thought. ($40) - Trent Moore

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