Live It Up Gift Guide: Geek lifestyle gifts from Firefly, Hellboy, The Hobbit, Star Trek, and more

Whether it's my Batman ring, Millennium Falcon bottle opener, sonic screwdriver remote control (from the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors), Cylon toaster, or Spider-Man Christmas decorations, my nerdiness flows through me like the Force, and touches everything in my life. Not long ago, it was more difficult to visibly display fandom through high quality replicas, lifestyle items and fashionable wear.

But these are the days when we can let our geek flag fly high. As such, we dedicate this gift guide to living it up and incorporating fan love throughout our life. Whether it's a sword to hang on the wall (and take to battle) or coasters perfect for your living room or TARDIS, these are suggestions to giving your giftee a way to express themselves at home, in the office or out-and-about in the galaxy.

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    Nearing the top of my personal "Take my money!" list this season are these prayer candles featuring my favorite sci-fi saints. The 8-1/2 inch veladoras likely originated in the late 1940s from the Mexican-born Peter Doan Reed, and they've become popular as decorations even in the non-religious sectors. In particular, candles featuring characters from Star Wars have been seen before, but never with such gorgeous custom artwork. Instead of poorly Photoshopped images, the Omakase line features original illustrations of beloved characters on one side, along with a saintly slogan (Chewbacca is "Buddy") and a "prayer" on the other side. Any giftee with a nerdy soul and desire for something clever and cool will dig these. But good luck choosing between great designs based on Firefly, Supernatural, Star Wars (which also gets the sexy treatment with its "Rebel Leia: Viva La Rebelion" candle), and even Neil deGrasse Tyson. ($15) - Aaron Sagers

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    Most little girls grew up wanting to be Wonder Woman, so why not make that dream one step closer to reality with this gorgeous WW tiara ring by Paul Michael Design? Put the world’s most iconic heroine’s tiara from Lynda Carter’s head to your favorite lady’s finger. This custom-made beauty is available in sterling, gold, palladium, and platinum and features five rubies in Wonder Woman’s famous star. In fact, browse all of Paul Michael Designs’ shop and you’ll find an array of custom baubles sure to please every type of fan you know from Star Wars, BSG, Halo, and more.  ($595-$2,250) - Cher Martinetti

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    Sure, we’ve all seen super-expensive Star Wars figures and statues at this point. But this one puts a nice twist on the concept. Gentle Giant, LTD. has created a life-size, six-foot tall figure of Boba Fett. The cool part? It’s not directly based on the film version, but is a life-sized rendition of the classic Kenner action figure. As expected, it’s fully articulated. The design was digitally scanned from an original Kenner Boba Fett action figure. We’d expect nothing less, but he'll be worth a lot to you. ($2,750) - Trent Moore

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    Some Doctor Who fans just enjoy watching the show, but others spend years transforming their home into what’s basically their own TARDIS control room packed with replicas and collectibles. If you’re shopping for the latter type, consider these coasters. Based on the redesigned TARDIS that debuted in the 2012 Who Christmas special, they’re intricate reproductions of Gallifreyan symbols and perfect for resting the cocktails you’ll be having during the 2014 Christmas special on. ($86) - Matthew Jackson

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    Straight from the Land of Ooo, classic meets modern with these Adventure Time nesting dolls. The traditional wooden toys, known as matryoshka dolls, are transformed by Bif Bang Pow! into beloved characters from the Cartoon Network series Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, and BMO. Ranging from 2-to-6 inches tall, the fun will never end when your favorite fan displays these dolls around the house. ($21) - Aaron Sagers

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    This year marks the 20th anniversary of the first Hellboy story, “Seed of Destruction,” and fans of the character have been celebrating throughout 2014. Hellboy creator Mike Mignola’s been busy too, returning to the character in comics and working with Sideshow Collectibles to craft this beautiful limited edition figure. As a bonus, there is the option to display Red with filed horns or as the fiery long-horned Anung Un Rama with crown. Sadly, it won’t ship until 2015, but the Hellboy superfan in your life will love the gift of knowing that this beautifully detailed figure, complete with removable trenchcoat and attachable horns, will arrive at their door after Christmas. ($359) - Matthew Jackson

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    Garden gnomes are happy little ceramic figurines, prone to being kidnapped and taken around the world on madcap misadventures. But we think your garden statuary needs to be as hardy as your pansies. Gardenzilla would sooner eat a passerby than let itself be stolen. In fact, you should be lucky that this kaiju is occupying itself with its gnomeburgers. If not, pruning those roses would require a mecha suit. ($25) - Carol Pinchefsky

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    This two items fall a bit on the pricy side, but they make for one extremely cool combo. If you’re really wanting to impress a loved one who is into Game of Thrones, this is your best bet to blow their mind. This shield and sword are just that, a shield and sword — forged from steel, capable of fighting off hordes and defending a kingdom. Put 'em together, and you’re ready to do your best Robb Stark impersonation — and take out anyone who doesn’t like it. There were only 2,500 officially licensed swords produced — so act fast. (Total: $519.98) - Trent Moore

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    Make your giftee feel like the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, boldly going where no man has gone before...from the comfort of their living room with this Star Trek: The Original Series Phaser Universal Remote Control Replica. Recreated from 3D laser scans of “the last known screen-used hero prop,” it includes the Type I and Type II Phaser units from TOS. The wielder can store up to 36 programmable gestures, so they should brush up on their best Shatner/Kirk impression. This awesome infrared remote control replica comes with a wide range of settings and beam strengths, with different firing sounds (once combined) – including the phaser overload sequence. ($150) – Nathalie Caron

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    Think your giftee would appreciate the style of Bruce Wayne but the attitude of Batman? Then this 3-piece Bat-symbol gift set is the way to go. The fashionable cufflink, tie bar, and money clip trio are ideal for both a night out on Gotham's socialite scene or a day at the Wayne Enterprises offices. While we're at it, actually has a lot of great products (including a whole lot of Star Wars, Star Trek, DC Comics, and Marvel items) for the nerdy gent in your life who wants to show off his fanboy cred and look good doing it. ($120) - Aaron Sagers

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    Weta Workshop, the company that designed Peter Jackson’s Middle-Earth, just keeps dishing out high-quality replicas from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit to sate the Tolkien superfan. This year they’ve continued that tradition with this staff, wielded by Elven King Thranduil (Lee Pace) in The Hobbit Trilogy. Produced in a limited edition of only 1,500 pieces, this is just the thing to add to a growing Tolkien collection. ($180) - Matthew Jackson

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    The TV character gets most of the attention, but it's the black and white version of Rick Grimes who got the whole zombie revolution started in the pages of The Walking Dead. Though Andrew Lincoln is killin’ it on the small screen, you still have to respect the comic version (See: Missing Hand) of the character, mostly because the comic version is more badass than the TV Rick could ever be. If you need proof, look no further than the bloody awesome scene on display here. It’d look great on your desk, assuming your workplace isn’t too uptight. ($295) - Trent Moore

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