Thor 2 deleted scene shows more of Loki's awesome Captain America impression

By this time, most of us have seen the sequel Thor: The Dark World. It featured the return of the god of thunder and his annoying little brother. They don't call Loki the god of mischief for nothing. His trickery was a running gag throughout the film, which gave us some of its best moments.

Once Loki's released from prison, he can barely contain himself. The first thing he does is flex his shapeshifting muscle. He transforms into a guard, then turns Thor into Lady Sif, and eventually dons the guise of Captain America. In the theater, Chris Evans' cameo was a pleasant and hilarious surprise. But did you know Evans was actually doing an impersonation of Tom Hiddleston doing an impersonation of him?

Hiddleston is known for his keen ear. He's good at copying voices, and Evans has become one of his favorites. In an interview, he revealed how that secret scene was shot. "I did an impression of Loki in the Captain America costume, and did the whole performance, and then they showed Chris [Evans] my performance on tape," said Hiddleston. "It's him doing an impression of me doing an impression of him, and it's brilliant. Brilliant. I think it's great."

(Empire via i09)

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