Walking Dead superfan zombie pranks Daryl (with a little help from Rick)

If there's one thing that's never not funny, it's scaring people from the Walking Dead with zombies.

You would think that, after working on the set of the most popular zombie drama of the last decade, people would get used to the sight of the undead. But apparently that's not the case with Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl.

Here's what went down: The team behind The Walking Dead reached out to super fan and zombie prankster Nick Santonastasso about pranking someone from the cast. He met up with Rick Grimes himself, Andrew Lincoln, and special effects guru/executive producer Greg Nicotero in Japan, where press was being done. Cameras were set up, Nick's zombie makeup was done to perfection, and then all that was left was to set the trap.

Poor Norman.

It's neat that someone who's such a big fan got to meet up with the cast and crew. Plus, it's nice to know that zombies never stop being scary, even if you're around them every day. It's the little things.

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