Gotham's rumored commissioner is more likely to be its surly detective

You may have heard some stories about Sons of Anarchy actor Donal Logue. Well ...

Tiny tidbits and rumors are hard to keep under control, especially when a show has only been recently announced and casting hasn't been officially finalized. In that spirit, we originally balked when we heard rumors that Donal Logue would be playing the part of Jim Gordon on the upcoming Gotham series. The source was good, but Logue denied it and, frankly, it just didn't feel like smart casting. Logue as Gordon? Nah. Not the right fit.

But today we got an update. Seems there'd been a mistake and the rumor now makes a lot more sense. The character Logue's actually supposedly playing is ...

Detective Harvey Bullock.

Now, THAT makes sense. In the comics (and the '90s animated series) Bullock was an older cop, on the beat for years, and so he's jaded and, on occasion, even flat-out corrupt. In the instance of Gotham, the story will allegedly be changed so that Bullock is a mentor to Gordon.

And, well ... that works for us. Good casting, interesting dynamic. So we're running with this rumor because it just makes sense.

What do you think, though? Is Logue right for Bullock?

(via Latino Review)

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