According to the T-800 himself, Arnie'll be back for Terminator 5

We heard about Terminator 5 finding its writers, but we were still wondering the question of questions—will Arnold Schwarzenegger be involved? Today, we get our answer—and from the original Terminator himself, no less.

At the London junket for his current flick, The Last Stand, Schwarzenegger confirmed that, yes, Terminator 5 is on the upcoming slate of films he'll be a part of, in addition to Triplets and the next Conan picture.

Now that we know he's on board, in what capacity will Arnie be involved? He seems to be going full bore back into filmmaking, so our knee-jerk assumption that he'd only make a cameo appearance could be incorrect.

Could Schwarzenegger play another Terminator? Or is it finally time we find out why so many killer robots walk around wearing his face?

In any event, color us excited to hear more.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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