Carl and Beth talk the zombie afterlife in deleted Walking Dead S3 clip

The Walking Dead - Beth and Carl - S03E05 Say the Word - Deleted Scene

Carl and Beth mourn their dead, and wonder what comes next, in a deleted Walking Dead scene that really should’ve made the cut.

When footage winds up on the cutting-room floor, there’s usually a pretty good reason for it — but not always. Take this great little scene between Chandler Riggs (Carl) and Emily Kinney (Beth), which asks some of the larger questions we’ve wondered ourselves while wandering the zombie-filled wasteland.

It seemingly picks up not long after Lori’s death, with Carl wondering what happens to the soul of someone who dies and is about to turn (or does turn) into a zombie. We also get to see Carl processing the death of his mother, which is some heart-rending stuff.

Check out the 2+-minute scene above and let us know if you think this one should’ve made it to air.

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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