Breaking Bad/Walking Dead mashup explains what REALLY caused the zombie apocalypse

Bryan Cranston has not been cast in The Walking Dead, but if he was, this video represents the only way things could play out.

We're not trying to say Cranston is doomed to play Walter White for the rest of his career, but this College Humor video makes a very compelling case for what would happen if Walter White were the star of a Walking Dead prequel that explained the true origins of the zombie apocalypse.

If you think about it, is there really that much difference between meth heads and the shambling undead? And even though the chances of zombie armageddon are pretty slim, isn't a bad batch of illegal narcotics the most likely way that version of the end times would go down?

Basically, we're saying Walter White is the worst human being to ever live on any show -- even one's he's technically never been on.

(via Laughing Squid)

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