Looks like we'll be seeing that Ant-Man movie sooner than we thought

Edgar Wright's entry into the Marvel stable wasn't due until November 2015, but apparently someone's got a lot of faith in the project.

Every time the Ant-Man movie comes up, it's consistently such an enigma. Of all the characters that you'd expect to get a stand-alone picture, Hank Pym is not high on the list. But throw the backing of Edgar Wright behind a project and you can see how the movie could get made.

Ant-Man was already due to face some competition by coming out around the year-end holidays in 2015. But we guess Marvel has a ton of faith in the movie (and Wright) because, rather than Novmeber 6th, Ant-Man will now be getting released on July 31st of 2015.

So just for reference, that puts Marvel's offering in more or less direct competition with DC's forthcoming Superman/Batman feature, which will be coming out three weeks prior.

And that's only so far! 2015 is a ways off yet, and the summer is the busiest time for movies. Who knows what other stiff competition Hank Pym may face?

Regardless, it's clear that Marvel is happy with whatever Edgar Wright has done so far, and it may mean that they've landed a name actor to play the part of Hank Pym. And, for those of us excited to see it, hey, Ant-Man is coming out more than three months earlier than we thought. So we're calling this good news all around.

(via Comic Book Movie)

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