New proof rumor of rediscovery of lost Who eps may be more than a rumor

It's the story that will not die, but could this be the proof that an announcement about lost Doctor Who episodes is coming soon?

We keep hearing that some of the lost Who episodes have been discovered. But every time we try to get to the truth, we find ourselves with more questions than answers. First we heard the episodes definitely were found. Then we were told that they definitely weren't and to give up on that pipe dream.

We left off in a place of nebulous hope that episodes have been found, but that the BBC is waiting until Doctor Who gets closer its 50th anniversary to reveal the news.

So here's the update -- old episodes have been recovered ... for a BBC show called Dad's Army.

What does that have to do with Doctor Who? Well, when a haul of lost episodes was first being reported on, it wasn't just Doctor Who's name being bandied about. Many lost BBC shows were apparently rediscovered. And one of those shows was, you guessed it, Dad's Army.

So with the Beeb quietly announcing that some Dad's Army episodes have been found, we can't help but be reminded of all the other shows that also were supposedly a part of that haul. Doctor Who, naturally, being the most notable.

Maybe this is wishful thinking, but we're hoping that this is a sign that there really are Hartnell and Troughton episodes out there in the ether, ones that haven't been seen in decades, lying in wait for a big announcement.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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