14 fantastic foreign sci-fi movies you really need to see

The Clone Returns Home

The title says it all. This heartbreaking Japanese story of a man resurrected as a clone finds him reverting back to his childhood memories — setting off a sad, poignant journey to figure out how he fits in the world and what’s left of the life he remembers (even though it isn’t technically his). A great meditation on identity, and the potential effects of cloning.

With all the sci-fi films we can dig through across the U.S. (and U.K.), it’s enough to keep even the most ardent fan busy for a lifetime. But then you’d be missing a lot of awesome stuff.

A lot of the films we all know and love had roots elsewhere, with quite a few being inspired by classics that range from France to Japan. From Pacific Rim to 12 Monkeys, quite a few can trace influences back to foreign films.

Plus, even over the past few decades, there have been some stellar sci-fi films released into the wild that didn't get good distribution in the States.

So get ready to follow along with the subtitles and rock out to a whole new slate of sci-fi goodness.