Remember Patton Oswalt's Star Wars rant? It just got an amazing animation

We've heard Oswalt's epic Star Wars rant, but we've never seen it look so AMAZING.

So you remember when Patton Oswalt was on Parks and Recreation and used Star Wars as a means to filibuster? And then, after that, there was the time where someone put together a very basic pseudo-animation for that filibuster? Erase it from your mind. Just get it right out.

In celebration of YouTube's Geek Week, Oswalt's radical imaginings of Star Wars Episode VII have gotten a full-blown animation worthy of the scope of his genius. Behold!

Geunuinely hard to pick the best sight gag here. The kid staring in horror at Chewie's severed head is obviously a strong contender, but there's something to be said for the overwhelming graphic space tonguing between Lando and Leia. That's what we call a dark side.

But you tell us -- what was your favorite part?

(via Laughing Squid)

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