Giddy Patrick Stewart shares acting secrets, including 'the quadruple take'

Patrick Stewart is a strange, strange man. And this video shows exactly why we love him. 

Sir Patrick often talks about his first love. No, not captaining a starship -- acting. Here we find a video of Stewart explaining to his 35-year-old girlfriend the subtle art of the comedic take. Specifically, the single, double, triple, and even quadruple take. Let's watch the master in action.

Truly, there is a profound artistry here. Although, to be honest, we kept hoping Ian McKellen would turn up to tell Sir Patrick he was doing it all wrong, and then show us the proper way to do a quadruple take. Then again, that might cause a rip in the fabric in the universe, so best just to be happy we got this.

(via Digg)

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