Unused Avengers animation clip reveals 1st look at Whedon's Wasp

Final Battle Act 1v2 web

Have you been wondering how Joss Whedon would’ve handled the introduction of Wasp had she not been cut from later drafts of his Avengers script? Well, wonder no more.

Some animatics from artist Federico D'Alessandro have been released online, showing off a ton of action set pieces that never made it through the subsequent drafts. Several of them revolve around Iron Man, with a few different potential intros we could’ve seen, mostly showing him kicking ass and taking names.

Even cooler? A sketch clip showing off an early version of the battle of New York, with Wasp joining up with the rest of the gang to battle Loki’s evil alien forces. Whedon has previously said his original draft was very “Wasp-y,” and it seems she survived pretty deep into development before landing on the cutting-room floor.

Check out the Wasp clip (look closely around the 17-second mark) above, and several other animation clips below:

What do you think? Should some of these scenes have made the cut?

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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