Katee Sackhoff wants to be Harley Quinn? YES, PLEASE!

Should Harleen Quinzel ever actually makes it into a live-action Batman movie, we now know exactly who should play her. 

Oh, Harley, you are a rare animal indeed -- a character who started out on an animated series based on an established comic and then was so beloved that you transitioned to that comic after the animated series ended.

But, depite that, the love of the Joker's life has never been in one of the live-action movies. But she could someday. We, along with many fans, would happily lobby for it. But as with all major comic characters, the successful transition comes from finding the right performer. Katee Sackhoff, who has become known as a bit of a comic geek, wants a crack at Harley. Badly.

I love Harley Quinn. I do. I just love it. It's not been done before. It's this fantastic mix. I mean, it's like the female Joker. Who wouldn't want to do that? Quite potentially -- it's not around so I wouldn't feel the weight of it -- I'd probably sell my first born at this point to do that.

Wow. That's a big commitment. But we say keep the firstborn. Having Sackhoff take the role is reward enough. We can't think of anyone better suited to the part. Wicked smile? Check. Good in a fight? Check. Adept at playing morally ambiguous crazy people? Check and check!

What do you think? Is Sackhoff your pick for Harley, too?

(via Comic Book Movie)

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