Arrow S2 episode title may have just revealed a HUGE new villain

One of the biggest supervillains in the DC Comics Universe could be headed to The CW this fall.

The universe of Arrow will definitely be growing quite a bit in season two. We've already heard that the Flash (who'll also be getting his own series spinning off from the show), Black Canary and Sin will be showing up, and one of the show's producers has already teased not one but two villains headed Oliver Queen's way this season. Now, thanks to a reported season-two episode title, we might know who one of those Big Bads will be.

According to fan site, the fifth episode of season two will be titled "The Demon's Head," which anyone familiar with DC Comics lore knows is the purported English translation of the name Ra's al Ghul. We're not sure yet if that episode title is 100 percent accurate, as no one officially connected to the show seems to have announced it yet, but if this is true, it could mean that the head of the League of Assassins himself could show up in Starling City next season to wreak havoc with any number of malicious plots. Or, perhaps the big man himself won't show up, but someone or something affiliated with the League of Assassins will.

Either way, if this really is an indicator that Ra's al Ghul and/or his affiliaties are making their way into the Arrow universe, it's a big deal, and it could lead to even bigger things in season two and beyond. But what could those bigger things be? A showdown between Oliver and Ra's al Ghul himself? An eventual appearance by Ra's al Ghul's principal adversary, Batman? Some help from the Justice League? We'll have to tune in to find out.

Arrow returns Oct. 9 at 8/7C on The CW.

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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