Poll: What was the most shocking recent death scene in a genre TV show?

Death sucks, right? And when it happens to your favorite TV character, it sucks even more.

If you love genre TV as much as we do, then you probably needed a ton of Kleenex to get through what happened to many of those characters during the past year. And to determine the death that disturbed us the most, Blastr is sponsoring a special category in Television Without Pity's annual Tubey Awards -- the Most Shocking Death Scene in a Genre TV Show.

We've winnowed down the 10 deaths that blindsided us the most, and need your help in choosing the most gut-wrenching of them all. Voting closes Monday, September 9.

Once you've had your voice heard here, head on over to Television Without Pity to vote in the rest of their polls honoring the "best, worst and just plain weird characters, series, moments and more."

Most shocking recent death scene in a genre TV show

Thanks for voting!

To find out whether the death you voted for came out on top as the most shocking of all, head on over to Television Without Pity of the week of September 16.

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