Hugh Jackman could make HOW MUCH for a new 4-movie Wolverine deal?

Hugh Jackman has been playing Wolverine for over a decade, and it looks like he could be paid some serious money to keep the claws on a few more years.

In 2000, Hugh Jackman became the face of Wolverine when Bryan Singer's first X-Men movie came out. At the time, Jackman seemed like a little bit of an odd choice for the role. Wolverine is a really short, hairy Canadian and — while Jackman's got the hair part down — he's pretty tall. And Australian!

But if anyone has proven his worth as an X-Man over the years, it's Hugh Jackman. He's got three X-Men movies under his belt, two spinoffs, a cameo and an upcoming X-Men movie on the way.

What we're saying is, even though the character of Wolverine has been around since long before 2000, it's kind of hard to imagine him being played by anyone but Hugh Jackman. Which is why, despite the source of this story, we're entertaining the followng rumor:

Hugh Jackman has been offered $100 million to play Wolverine for four more movies.

That's pretty crazy for many reasons. Yes, primarily, that's a lot of scratch. But more than that, it's an age factor. Jackman is already 44 and while, yes, he's aged well, everyone hits the wall eventually. But the guy was still ripped in The Wolverine, so he could definitely have a few more good years left in the tank.

Plus, with another X-Men movie reportedly in development, not to mention that X-Force spinoff, it makes sense to think they might go to pretty extreme lengths to keep the face of the franchise around through the next phase.

We've heard before that Jackman is into the idea of playing an older Wolverine, we're just not sure the studio would be that interested in adapting Old Man Logan. They should! We're just not convinced they would, or that the mainstream audience would place their tender behinds in seats to see it.

There's also the question of Jackman's willingness. Supposedly he's not said one way or the other yet if he'll take the deal. We've heard both he and his wife have a rule about agreeing to multi-picture contracts. Which, considering that Jackman is a classically trained actor who is just as good at belting out a tune as he is snikting his way through bad guys, we absolutely understand.

Then again — $100 million!?

Could you say no to that?

(via National Enquirer)

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