Wild Wolverine clip shows more of that insane train fight scene

The Wolverine -- Extended Train Fight Scene

Want to see a whole lot more of that epic train fight scene that’s been glimpsed in almost all The Wolverine trailers?

The studio has released a 1+-minute clip showing off what looks to be one of the bigger action set pieces of the X-Men spinoff, and it does not disappoint. Watching Logan (Hugh Jackman) and his attackers bounce around like rag dolls is pretty great — and director James Mangold really does a good job of capturing that frantic pace.

Based on Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s 1982 limited series The Wolverine, the Japan-set story sends the badass mutant on a journey of discovery to figure out how he fits in a world he’s lived in for way, way too long.

The flick opens July 26. What do you think of the footage? 

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