See Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Spidey switch powers in Disney 'toon crossover

To help build buzz for the new animated series Avengers Assemble, Disney is prepping a massive Marvel crossover with the hit kids series Phineas and Ferb. Want a sneak peek at Marvel’s greatest heroes switching powers in a wacky free-for-all?

The folks at USA Today have debuted some new footage from Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel, showing off the new-look Avengers crossing over into the world of Danville and the Tri-State Area.

The crossover special premieres Aug. 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel. Storywise, it will find Phineas and Ferb working with Spider-Man, the Avengers and others to save the town of Danville from Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Marvel baddies Red Skull, Whiplash, Venom and M.O.D.O.K.

Not surprisingly, the voice cast will be carried over from Avengers Assemble, including Adrian Pasdar (as Iron Man), Travis Willingham (Thor) and Fred Tatasciore (Hulk), along with Ultimate Spider-Man voice actor Drake Bell as Spidey.

Check out the footage below and let us know what you think of the mighty Disney marketing machine.


(Via USA Today)

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