The 12 things you MUST see the first day of San Diego Comic-Con

Batman: Arkham Origins sneak peek

The latest installment in the massively successful Batman Arkham video game series doesn’t arrive until late October — but lucky Comic Con attendees can get a look at it early at this Thursday panel. The series has become one of the biggest, most acclaimed in history, and the latest edition looks to be one of the best yet.

We’re just two weeks away from San Diego Comic-Con 2013, and part of the schedule has finally been released. So which events do you need to circle on your calendar?

Set for July 17-21, the event is easily one of the biggest sci-fi events on the planet — and the 2013 edition is loaded with great events to check out. The con has obviously evolved from its comic roots, but there are still more than enough ink-stained events scattered among the TV and movie panels to keep us entertained.

So from first-look footage of future blockbusters to a chance to hang out and chat with some sci-fi legends, check out 12 events (plus a bonus) you have to see on Thursday: