Guy turns his dad's old car into insanely detailed giant mech sculpture

Some people like to decorate their lawn with garden gnomes, but this guy went for a custom-built killer robot.

Chinese artist and mech enthusiast Prog Wang has drawn quite a few badass mechs in his time, as his DeviantArt gallery proves, but recently he went for something a little more tangible and a lot more intimidating than an illustration. To get the parts for this DIY killbot, he disassembled his father's old Nissan truck and then went to a nearby scrapyard "many times" to buy more parts (he estimates more than a ton's worth). The result, after "almost a month" of work, is a glorious piece of sculpture that's more than 13 feet tall.

Sadly (or perhaps luckily, if you're his neighbors), Wang's mech is not fully operational, but it is an incredibly impressive achievement, and probably a pretty convincing burglar deterrent. 

(Via ProgV)

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