Lucasfilm registers more mystery Star Wars domains (but what for?)

Lucasfilm and Disney are locking down domain names for a new Star Wars project, but what could it be?

Last week the two companies registered a number of domains, all built on some variation of the phrases "Star Wars Attack Squadrons," "Star Wars Attack Squads" and "Star Wars Squads." None of those domains are up and running yet, but it's clear that the project is far enough along that it's time to secure a title. So, now that the phrase "Star Wars Attack Squadrons" is on all of our brains, it's time to puzzle out what it is. 

It's worth noting that the last time we saw a mysterious slew of domain-name purchases from Lucasfilm, it turned out to be a videogame project, and that's definitely a possibility now with Electronic Arts taking over new Star Wars game production. But it's not the only possibility. There's always the chance that we'll see yet another TV show in the works soon, and of course Disney Parks has its own plans for new Star Wars attractions (can you imagine a Disney attraction where you get to fly a simulated X-wing?), so there are more than a few quite plausible places where "Attack Squadrons" could go.

What do you think? Where will Disney and Lucasfilm aim the Star Wars franchise this time?

(Via Slashfilm)

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