Guardians director fires back after fans bash Gillan's shaved head

Remember the big reveal during Comic-Con that former Doctor Who companion Karen Gillan had shaved her head for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy? Well, some fans aren’t too happy about it.

It turns out director James Gunn has been catching some flack from fans who are upset to see Gillan rocking the new look for the space epic, so he’s fired back at all the haters.

Here’s what he posted on Twitter, after apparently receiving some less-than-classy messages from fans:

Considering Gillan is playing the space pirate Nebula in the flick, who has a bald head in the comic canon, it makes sense that Gunn would want the look to be consistent. Sure, it’s a big change for the lovely young actress, but it’s just hair —it’ll grow back.

What do you think of Gillan’s new look for Guardians?

(Via Digital Spy)

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