Matt Smith has already decided what he’s gonna steal from the Who set

It is a truth universally acknowledged that actors often like to steal "borrow" props from a movie/TV set when they leave said movie or show.

Matt Smith, who’ll soon depart the role of the beloved Eleventh Doctor during the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special at the end of this year, has already set his lofty sights on a few props he’ll, erm, "borrow" from the TARDIS set when he leaves.

During an excellent lengthy interview with Vulture, there was a bit of a funny banter at some point between Matt Smith (who roamed the halls of Comic-Con with a Bart Simpson mask on) and Jenna Coleman (who plays his companion Clara on the show)—with Smith ending up stealing a bowl full of English biscuits from Coleman's table.

So this little thing ensued between Vulture's interviewer Denise Martin and Smith:

You steal things! What are you planning to steal from set once you’re done?
I plan on taking the sonic screwdriver.
I don’t think you’re allowed to, are you?
I don’t care. And I’ll take my jacket, probably. I’m really sad to be leaving! I love the show!

Think they will amp up security on the Doctor Who set now?

(via Vulture)

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