Hit-Girl shows off her motorcycle skills in latest Kick-Ass 2 clip

KICK-ASS 2 - Official Movie Clip #2 (2013) [HD]

A new scene from Kick-Ass 2 shows off a little more of the action, with Hit-Girl hitting the road on her decked-out new motorcycle.

The clip finds Hit-Girl racing home, trying to beat Marcus (Morris Chestnut) before he catches her out protecting the streets. It’s a nice little action piece, and shows a bit more of how the relationship between Marcus and Mindy has evolved since the death of Big Daddy.

But, for folks complaining that vehicle hopping fight we’ve glimpsed in the trailers looked a little low-budget, this clip will do nothing to assuage those fears. This scene is fine and all, but the direction is a bit choppy and the action isn’t showcased all that well.

Typically, if you’re going to release a clip you release a good one -- but this one doesn’t really inspire. Here’s hoping they’re just saving all the good stuff for the movie, because the first Kick-Ass kicked ass, and we’d really like the sequel to keep up the trend.

What did you think of the clip?

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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