12 comic-book movie spinoffs we wish would join The Wolverine

We’re obviously looking forward to the X-Men spinoff The Wolverine, but we also have a few ideas for some more comic-book movie characters who deserve their own flicks.

He’s popular and all, but it’s not really fair that Wolverine has already had two spinoffs, while there are more than enough worthy characters still sitting on the sidelines. From Hellboy to Watchmen, there are a lot of great ensemble players out there.

Sometimes a side character ends up being the best part of a film, and we’d love to see a few make it into their own stories.

So, while we get ready to see The Wolverine this weekend, and wonder if that darn Deadpool movie will ever make it out of development hell, here are 12 comic-book movie characters we want to see get a shot at glory on their own.

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