Awesome guy proposes to girlfriend at Comic-Con in costume

Robin and Ivy sitting in a tree ...

You never know what's going to happen at San Diego Comic-Con. Guest stars, surprise, pilots, comic announcements.

But the surprises aren't limited to panels for TV shows and movies. At this year's Harleypalooza, fans came out in droves dressed as members of Batman's infamous rogues gallery. There were a lot of Robins and Poison Ivys. One pair in particular surprised the heck out of everyone when Robin (whose real name, apparently, is Dan) got down on bended knee and ...

On the steps of SDCC in front of your fellow cosplayers? We can think of worse ways to propose. And we have on good authority that, unlike the realm of fiction, this story had a happy ending -- with 'Ivy' saying yes.

We assume that, this time, Dick and Pamela will kiss without the use of wax lips.

(via Twitter)

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