Trek Animated Series even better when mashed-up with Archer dialogue

What do you get when you mix the 1970s animated voyages of the starship Enterprise with the hit spy comedy Archer? A lot of laughs.

That's the idea behind Starcher Trek, a mashup created by "Two Guys With a Laptop" who are fans of both shows and found that Archer dialogue blended with Star Trek: TAS footage actually worked pretty well. The video they created is brief, and doesn't really tell a story, but it does offer some laughs, particularly if you're a fan of Archer and recognize the dialogue. For the mashup, Capt. Kirk naturally gets the voice of Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin), Uhura (also naturally) gets the voice of agent Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler), Sulu gets the voice of agent Ray Gillette (Adam Reed), Spock gets only one line with the voice of Cyril Figgis (Chris Parnell), and Scotty gets the voice of Doctor Krieger (Lucky Yates). 

The best part might be the end of the video, when the creators tease that another installment could be on the way. That means it's time for more mashup casting. Quick, Archer fans, which Trek character gets the voice of Pam?

(Via Vimeo)


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