12 sci-fi buddy cop duos that fought each other while fighting crime

Buddy cop flicks have been around for decades, mostly focused on modern-day team-ups between folks with different styles (and between men and dogs, for some reason, in the '80s). But there are also a fair share of sci-fi buddy cop films to keep us genre fans busy.

Though the mid-to-late '90s hosted the massive hit Men In Black, arguably one of the best-known sci-fi buddy cop flicks, the 1980s is the decade to look to if you want to find a lot of wild and WTF attempts to turn the subgenre on its head.

From zombies to aliens to steampunk insanity — there’s a lot to like (and mock) for sci-fi fans wanting to get into the buddy-cop mold. So as we wait to see how the latest attempt via R.I.P.D. does at the box office, here's a whole list of a dozen sci-fi buddy cop flicks to keep us busy.

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