Looks like DC Comics may be about to give Earth its first female Green Lantern

After 73 years of Lantern comics, could Earth finally be getting a woman to bear the ring?

As we kick off the annual madness that is San Diego Comic-Con, DC Comics is throwing out teasers for what it's billing as "the first universe-wide event of the New 52," Forever Evil, which will launch in September following the current Trinity War crossover event featuring the various Justice League titles. Among the early teaser images for Forever Evil, which is being described as an event in which "the Justice League is dead" and "the villains shall inherit the Earth," is this:

That definitely looks to be a female Green Lantern, doesn't it? The Earth part of the speculation comes from a page in Green Lantern #20, published earlier this year. The final issue of writer Geoff Johns' decade-long run of Green Lantern adventures had plenty of big moments, including this tease that a woman named "Jessica Cruz" was about to come into some serious but "controversial" power "in the wake of the Justice League's death."

If this really is happening on the scale these images suggest, it would mark the first time a female Green Lantern of Earth became a major player in the DC Comics universe (a woman named Donna Parker was briefly given a power ring and offered membership in the Green Lantern Corps once upon a time, but she turned it down).

So, is the woman in the Forever Evil teaser Jessica Cruz? How is this power controversial? Would you rather just read Batman? Looks like we'll find out if this groundbreaking development in Green Lantern history really does happen when Forever Evil kicks off this fall.

(Via DC Women Kicking Ass)

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