Marvel exec reveals plan for Loki, Nick Fury shorts we didn't see

With the latest short film, Agent Carter, set to debut to some solid anticipation at San Diego Comic-Con this week, Marvel has shown that its superheroic world can more than flourish in the medium. But why haven’t we seen a few more actual superheroes pop up in these shorts? Turns out we almost did.

In a chat with Entertainment Weekly, Marvel co-president Louis D’Esposito revealed that a few familiar names have almost made the cut for a Marvel One-Shot, including Loki (Tom Hiddleston), a young Nick Fury and even Black Panther. 

The Loki short got as far as pre-development when they were creating the one-shot schedule, but they couldn’t justify the FX budget for the required Asgard setting. D’Esposito called it “just impossible” to tell a story worth telling with that character and keep the costs down.

As for a Nick Fury origin story a la The Howling Commandos, or perhaps a Black Panther story? D’Esposito said they’ve tried to justify them, but it just became “very complicated” to tell a compelling story with that kind of scope on a smaller budget and timeframe. Plus, if you cast a character now for a one-shot, you might lock a director into using someone they might not truly want in a future feature film.

Oh well, there’s always Phase 4.

Which characters have you been dying to see show up in a future one-shot?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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