Not dead for long! Supernatural star reveals he's BACK for S9

As the show rumbles into its ninth season this fall, Supernatural has gone through its fair share of changes along the way — but it sounds like the writers will be undoing at least one of those soon.

The recent run of episodes were lacking a certain amount of grumpiness, following the death of surrogate father figure Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver). The producers apparently noticed as well, and now Beaver has revealed that he will be back in some capacity in the series’ ninth season.

Bobby was last seen heading up to heaven, following a stint in hell, so there’s no telling what the writers have cooked up to bring him back. Beaver has been having some fun with fans, teasing its everything from a split-second cameo to a Sanford and Son-style spinoff starring Bobby and Garth (which we would so watch).

How (and why) do you think they’ll bring Bobby back to life?

(Via Jim Beaver)

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