Prepare for Pacific Rim with 15 monster flicks streaming on Netflix

You can never have too many monster movies.

Today's the day we've been waiting for, the day when Guillermo del Toro's monsters-vs.-robots epic Pacific Rim finally roars into theaters, and we're all stoked to see it (you know, several times). But what if you can't spend all day and all night at the movie theater seeing the flick over and over and over, or what if you'd rather just enjoy monster-movie madness from the comfort of your couch?

Luckily, the Internet has options for you, and when it comes to monster movies you don't have to look any further than Netflix's always-popular Watch Instantly streaming service. We combed the streaming listings and found 15 awesome monster flicks available at the click of a mouse, from the best of Japanese kaiju cinema to Korean horror to good old-fashioned American creature features. So, whether you're still waiting for your chance to catch Pacific Rim, or you're just looking for your next monster fix, consider any one of these flicks. 

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