Superman and Lois plus 22 more human/alien romances we love

One of the great things about sci-fi is that it can expand the possibilities of everything, even love.

Almost everyone wants to find that special someone, but sometimes we all get the feeling that no one on this planet understands us. In the real world, that's often just a bummer, but in the sci-fi world you have the option of finding someone from another planet who turns out to be your soulmate, whether it's your co-worker at the newspaper, whether you meet on a living spaceship, or whether you're both just stuck in the same town, looking for a chance at happiness.

Human/alien romances aren't just an opportunity for some great storytelling metaphors. They're also a chance to get us all to care even more about characters we don't even share a homeworld with.

So for the latest in our ongoing series of features inspired by Syfy's Defiance, check out 23 of our favorite terrestrial/extra-terrestrial love stories.


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