4 trippy Star Trek: TOS tribute posters: Khan's Space Seed + more!

With this 10th effort, Ortiz's epic project to re-create each single episode of the original 80-strong Star Trek series in a retro lithograph is in full afterburner. This month's quirky quartet includes surreal images of Khan's claw, a teardrop starship, vintage phasers and a spooky silhouetted Zarabeth. 

For June, the prolific artist chose Space Seed, The Menagerie, Part 2, The Empath and All Our Yesterdays, injecting each poster with his masterful imagination and intriguing design elements gathered from every cool corner of his creative galaxy.

Every four-print series is created on premium, 100-pound, aqueous-coated, satin-finish paper. Posters measure 18x24 inches, and a set goes for $34.95 at QMxonline.com.  Click here for a flashback to May's amazing foursome and links to Ortiz's previous nine galleries of pure Trek awesomeness.

(Via Star Trek)

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