See more of Abrams' Klingons in revealing Star Trek 2 concept art

J.J. Abrams gave us a peek at his take on the Klingon Empire in Star Trek Into Darkness, but some new concept art from the production phase shows off more of the warlike planet and alien designs.

Production sketches from concept artists Keith Christensen, Constantine Sekeris and Neville Page have surfaced, revealing some Klingon suit designs, a great piece of concept art for the Klingon planet, some alien world designs, and some variations on the Starfleet space suits that showed up during the asteroid space jump.

The Klingon designs are great, and show some different variations on the final version we saw on screen. The Klingon planet also shows more scope that what actually made it in front of the camera.

(Via Film Sketchr)

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