Kevin Costner defends sci-fi flop Waterworld as 'inventive, cool movie'

Kevin Costner might be a pretty bankable star, but he’s had a pretty rocky history when it comes to sci-fi flicks. But even though nobody else seemed to really like Waterworld or The Postman, Costner still thinks they’re pretty awesome.

Though both flicks have earned some cult fans out there in recent years (most notably The Postman), neither movie did great business at the box office, or with critics. But don’t tell Costner.

In an interview promoting his role as Jonathan Kent in Man of Steel, Costner wondered if The Postman might perform better in the modern age, where movie fans are a little more familiar with the idea of a post-apocalypse:

"Well, I always thought it was a really good movie! I always thought I probably started it wrong. I should have said something like ‘once upon a time.’ Because it was just like a modern-day fairy tale -- it wraps itself up with a storybook ending with the statue. You know, I thought it was a pretty funny movie set against the idea of a Superman -- somebody stepping up. But in this case, it's a very humble guy whose nothing but a liar [laughs] -- delivers mail and burns half of it just to stay alive. So, I like the movie."

Costner was less defensive about Waterworld, a big-budget sci-fi tentpole that failed to earn back its budget, but said he still believes it wasn’t as bad as most folks make it out to be:

“It just is what it is. But it stands up as a really exotic, cool movie. I mean, it was flawed -- for sure. But, overall, it's a very inventive, cool movie. It's pretty robust.”

It’s taken Costner a while, but it looks like he’ll finally have a bona fide sci-fi hit on his hands in a few weeks with Man of Steel. It just took Superman to get him over the hump. What did you think of Waterworld and The Postman

(Via The Huffington Post)

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